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While there are national laws in place, employment and labor laws are highly specific to the state in which one is employed. Both Connecticut and New York have very specific rules and guidelines offering certain protections to employers and employees. Whether you are an employee seeking to challenge disciplinary action or termination, or an employer defending such actions, it is important to seek guidance from a lawyer with experience in this particular area of the law. At Maya Murphy, P.C., we have attorneys with extensive backgrounds in New York and Connecticut labor law, including issues related to employee discipline.

“At Will” Employment States

Both New York and Connecticut are “at will” employment states. This means that an employee can be fired with little or no explanation in most cases. However, you may have more rights as an employee if you have signed an employment contract. Often, these contracts contain clauses that protect employees from being fired without cause, allowing them to challenge their employer’s actions or seek other legal recourse. An experienced employment lawyer from Maya Murphy, P.C. who is familiar with the laws in your state will be able to help you review your employment contract and determine what your rights are in your specific situation.

Exceptions to “At Will” Employment

In addition to contract employees, other individuals may also be exempt from the rules applied to “at will” employees. Some examples of employees who have different protections include:

  • Government workers;
  • Employees who are disciplined or terminated based on sex, race, or otherdiscriminatory grounds; or
  • At-will employees suffering from harassment.

The employment lawyers at Maya Murphy, P.C. have extensive experience both in negotiating employment contracts and litigating unfair discipline or termination cases. With offices and attorneys in both New York and Connecticut, we are able to represent clients in both states with the high level of knowledge and strong client relationships you need from your attorney. Our firm is dedicated to providing the advantages of a large firm with the close, personal attention of a smaller one.

If you need an employment lawyer with experience in employee discipline cases, contact us anytime. Our clients can be found throughout both New York and Connecticut, including Weston, Redding, Wilton, and White Plains.

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