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Post Judgement Modifications in New York and Connecticut

Whether there has been a change in financial circumstances or a change in circumstances related to minor children, it is often necessary to modify orders entered during a divorce proceeding. The family attorneys at Maya Murphy, P.C. strive to build long lasting relationships with their clients, and are often called upon to handle such matters for both new and former clients well after a divorce is finalized. Our attorneys routinely handle:

  • Alimony Modifications
  • Child Support Modifications
  • Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Plan Modifications
  • Relocation Petitions
  • Prosecution and Defense of Parental Alienation Claims

Because not every change in circumstances will warrant a modification, it is important to consult with an attorney familiar with the relevant laws, as well as recent court decisions. At Maya Murphy, P.C. we take the time to evaluate each and every post judgment matter from the outset, enabling us to give our clients a clear picture of their likelihood of success and devise a global strategy spanning the entire case. This also allows our clients to perform an informed cost/benefit analysis before investing in our services, and allows us as the attorneys to handle the case in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Post Judgement Contempt

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, one or both parties to a divorce action often fail to comply with previously entered court orders. For example, a parent may refuse to pay alimony or child support (often both), reimburse the other parent for healthcare or childcare expenses, adhere to visitation orders or a parenting plan, or cooperate in effectuating a property distribution or asset division. In such cases it is critical to obtain the representation of an experienced, competent and persistent family law attorney that will aggressively enforce court orders on your behalf. At Maya Murphy, P.C., our attorneys are experienced litigators, capable of not only trying your case if necessary, but also utilizing various discovery techniques to obtain the information and documentation necessary to properly present your case to the judge.

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With regional offices located in New York City and Westport, Maya Murphy, P.C. divorce attorneys can assist you with your post judgement modification and enforcement needs. Call our Connecticut office at 203-221-3100 or our New York offices at 212-682-5700. You can also contact us via our online contact form.

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