Westport Criminal Defense Attorneys

Representing Criminal Law Clients in New York and Connecticut

The criminal defense attorneys at Maya Murphy, P.C., represent the subjects of investigations and named defendants, whether individual or institutional clients, in matters ranging from criminal prosecutions to the most complex securities fraud inquiries, bank regulatory investigations, internal investigations, and grand jury probes at the state and federal level. We have assisted clients in responding to investigations conducted by, among others, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, national and state bank regulators, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and foreign investigative agencies, and self-regulatory organizations such as the New York Stock Exchange.

Ideally, the best defense is a prosecution that never occurs. You will be provided with an attorney that is skilled and experienced in dealing with state and federal law enforcement agents pre- and post-arrest. Each decision pertaining to a criminal matter is made by a diligent, well-informed advocate, and many of our clients have effectively avoided arrest and the unwanted publicity with our sound guidance and direction. You will benefit from both our considerable litigation experience and our familiarity with the applicable regulatory and statutory law in the following areas of practice:

Whatever the charge, our approach is direct, although our advice is carefully tailored to the stage, situs, and severity of the prosecution, and most importantly to the particular needs and vulnerabilities of the client. We protect and advocate for those who have never been ensnared by the legal system and cannot risk the negative exposure, as well as those who have had previous indiscretions. We represent individuals from all walks of life, each with professional licenses, employment ramifications, and family circumstances to consider. As in all areas of our practice, the scope and direction of our criminal defense representation is interwoven with the unique position of each client.

The criminal defense attorneys at Maya Murphy, P.C. routinely practice in the Judicial Districts and Geographic Area Courts in and around Fairfield County: Bridgeport, Danbury, Milford, Norwalk, and Stamford. Should you find yourself facing any criminal charge, please do not hesitate to contact us at 203-221-3100 or our New York City offices at 212-682-5700.

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