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“An Effective and Aggressive Lawyer”

I found Attorney Daniel Murphy through friends of mine; he was strongly recommended as a divorce attorney.  I had interviewed several attorneys, but when I met Attorney Murphy, I was sure that he was the best choice to handle my case.  He is very confident, positive, knowledgeable, and – on top of all else – he is as great a person as he is a divorce lawyer.  He paid careful attention to my situation and remained in constant contact as my case developed.  He often gave me the best advice, at the very best time…and that timing made all the difference.  He replied promptly to my emails and phone calls, and always went out of his way to be reachable and accountable.  In a divorce proceeding, clients need responsiveness and clear communication, and this is exactly what I enjoyed with Attorney Murphy.  He is an effective and aggressive lawyer.  In fact, the deposition conducted by Dan Murphy in my case was so amazingly done, that it gave me a tremendous advantage in my case.  I could not be happier with the outcome of a very difficult litigation.  Attorney Murphy is the best – I strongly recommend him.

“Knew Exactly How to Proceed”

I contacted the law firm of Maya Murphy after another attorney had already initiated my divorce. What should have been a straightforward divorce (married 5 years, no kids, all assets/debt kept separately and listed in our individual names, both of us employed in well paying jobs with benefits) was turning into anything but straightforward. I really wanted to end my marriage as amicably as possible without a long drawn-out divorce and trial. I had some upcoming court dates and was unable to get any meaningful information from my first attorney about what was expected. When I walked into Maya Murphy, I was very concerned that my divorce was going to be long and costly. As soon as I walked into the offices of Maya Murphy and spoke with Ephraim Fink (EJ) and his colleagues, I felt completely relieved and confident in my decision to switch law firms. EJ got up to speed very quickly on my case and understood the issues. He was professional, thorough, and knew exactly how to proceed. I always felt that EJ was looking out for my best interests. In less than two months, my divorce was settled amicably, with a very fair settlement, during a pre-trial hearing. He made sure I understood and agreed to every aspect of the settlement. Everything was handled in a very timely manner. Maya Murphy was very reasonable when invoicing for his time. I would definitely recommend EJ and the Maya Murphy law firm.

“Extremely Professional Yet Personal and Humorous”

I’m writing to you regarding my experience with your law firm with a spotlight on Attorney EJ Fink.

I contacted you a few months ago in the middle of a high conflict divorce and very messy custody battle. During our first conversation, you said something to me I’ll never forget. You told me to go outside and go for a walk. It was mid-winter…you said walk slowly, look around and I want you to think to yourself that spring will soon come. The snow will melt, the flowers will bloom, and the world around you will change for the better. You told me then that everything would be ok.

You could not have been more accurate. Because of EJ, everything is amazing.

I retained EJ three months before a trial date. The divorce had been filed 15 months prior; the cards were so heavily stacked against me that I didn’t think I’d make it through this. In just 90 days EJ changed this whole situation! His attention to detail is impeccable. His personal care and consideration is truly astounding. He is extremely professional yet personal and humorous, which is so very important in these types of situations.

I write to you full of gratitude and thanks for having such an amazing attorney as a part of your firm.

I will always use your firm for all my legal needs and will absolutely refer any and everyone to you guys.

“Down To Earth”

Let me be clear from the onset of this letter: the process of divorce is never one that a person would associate with positive feelings and experiences. Yet, having the right attorney working for, and with you, can make the emotional and legal entanglements of divorce manageable. I found that attorney in the person of Daniel Murphy of Maya Murphy P.C.

During the course of my recent divorce proceedings, Dan always made me feel respected and met my legal needs effectively and promptly. I immediately liked Dan when I met him, and in turn felt liked by him. He appreciated my legal and personal situation and never took any of those aspects for granted.

I was able in his office to be myself – he communicated effectively with me, and affirmed and supported me as we worked through my divorce. Our trust was mutual and continual. Dan takes his work with a great sense of personal responsibility, respecting my situation, feelings, and privacy. As a lawyer, he constantly worked at my divorce, identifying problematic areas and creating solutions that benefited me. He was informative, responsive and continually focused on helping me. His legal knowledge is vast, and his manner in dealing with conflict situations that arise is straightforward and confident.

I also appreciated Dan’s personal strengths during this time – he is an assertive individual who is socially at ease and made me comfortable to be in his office. He has a healthy sense of humor also – I’m sure he can tell you what I had to say about his choice of neckwear. I was thankful for the amount of time Dan spent with me, in person and on the phone, and his accessible, “down to earth” manner.

As I wrote at the beginning of this letter, divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Having a lawyer like Dan Murphy was like having a trusted friend representing you in court. That level of personal engagement and legal skill made all the difference. Thanks again, Dan.

“Extremely Responsive”

Dan did a great job for me, guiding me through some difficult issues with open communication and a thorough knowledge of the issues and options available to us. He was extremely responsive and returned calls/emails almost immediately. I strongly recommend Dan.

“Exceptionally Skilled”

Dan is a true professional, always on top of critical matters, with a great ability to comprehend difficult issues. I spent three days in court with Dan and found him to be exceptionally skilled as he navigated quite well all of the circumstances that came upon us. My case was extremely complicated with a substantial amount of research and strategy, yet nothing fell through the cracks. In conclusion, I found him to have a remarkable knowledge of my legal issues. He was honest, dependable, and always protected my legal well-being. High marks for attorney Dan Murphy.

“Smart Attorney”

Dan Murphy is a smart divorce attorney. He is very professional and handles the difficult process of divorce with sensitivity. He is attentive & responds quickly to his client’s needs. Dan handled my case brilliantly and I highly recommend him.

“A Great Lawyer”

I have known and worked with Mr. Murphy for close to 3-years on a rather long and cantankerous divorce. My overall feedback (short version) is this: Mr. Murphy is excellent and simply the best, period. I know that you will have a difficult time finding any lawyer who will work harder for your case than Mr. Murphy. He, and the staff at Maya Murphy, P.C., are professional, customer focused, and very responsive. In addition, they are sensitive to the client’s needs and are up front with their opinions, thus saving time and resources. Mr. Murphy consistently has exceeded my expectations and has always represented me in a highly professional way. I recommend Mr. Murphy without reservations and have no doubt in my mind that a client retaining his services would be totally satisfied with the outcome.

“Mastery of Complex Issues”

I want to praise attorney Dan Murphy for his skill and professionalism in handling a matter for my wife and I that involved a very, very complex type of civil lawsuit. This particular case involved agressively fighting back with a careful study of voluminous, publicly filed documents and several other SEC filings It was an extremely complex set of facts that needed to come to light in layman fashion to make the opposing side and the Judge see that the Plaintiff’s claims were legally infirm, and in addition, that certain documents may have been falsified by the Plaintiff in the process. Most lawyers wouldn’t understand this stuff, and would quite frankly just roll over in the system. Dan’s guidance in our (his) Answer and Counterclaim shut the other side down within a few months, and he cruised through a hearing where the case was dismissed as Dan literally confused and crushed the other side. In fact, we were both admittedly baffled at how swiftly the other side went down from his fine work. One should not overlook his mastery of extremely complex issues in any type of litigated case. What a great relief this provided for my wife and I, as we have finally put this matter behind us! Kudos to Dan Murphy and his colleagues at Maya Murphy!

“Very Thorough”

Dan laid out information regarding the case clearly. He was very thorough and made me understand exactly what we were going through and what we might be up against. He was supportive and positive, but made it clear what chances we were taking and made no promises. He always responded quickly to my messages and questions.

“Highly Recommend”

My ex and I hired Dan as a mediator as we finalized a divorce agreement. His approach, range of expertise and communication style was very valuable in achieving a workable agreement. I highly recommend Dan for divorce mediation.

“Diligent and Always Accessible”

Dan handled all aspects of my recent divorce settlement. To his credit he worked in an environment that was quite hostile at times and he was able to navigate through professionally while looking out for my best interests. Dan was thorough, diligent and always accessible. I would highly recommend Dan and the team at Maya Murphy, P.C. for their hard work, knowledge and professionalism.

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