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Who we are and what we strive to accomplish:

Maya Murphy, P.C. has offices located in Westport, CT and New York City. We employ attorneys that practice in all areas of the law. Our main areas of focus are employment law including non-compete and separation agreements, divorce and family law including child custody, mediation and high-asset divorce planning, criminal law, litigation, estate planning, personal injury, and business law. All of our attorneys are licensed to practice in multiple states including Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. All of our attorneys have experience at both the state and federal levels.
Today, our firm can look with pride at the roster of clients ranging from individuals, entrepreneurs and families to privately-owned businesses, major financial institutions and multi-national corporations. Our attorneys represent clients both legally and in a personal manner. Whether it is a high stakes divorce, an employment dispute, or a family estate plan, the attorneys at Maya Murphy are here to serve your needs.

Our attorneys strive to provide large firm service, experience and ability, but with small firm communication, attention and accountability. Our attorneys will not accept a matter unless they are certain that we, as a firm, can service it efficiently and effectively. Every client is important at Maya Murphy, P.C. and is treated accordingly. This means zealous representation, consistent communication, and fair billing by every attorney.

When our attorneys meet potential clients for the first time, potential conflicts of interest are promptly disclosed and frankly discussed. We do not assign two attorneys to do the job of one and we do not generate unnecessary paperwork. A partner is assigned to supervise each client’s file and is available to confer with that client at any time regarding its handling. Our partners each supervise a set of attorneys and cases to ensure the best outcome for every client.
Most of our engagements are preceded by an attorney conference at which the client’s needs are carefully identified. Realistic goals and fees for our attorneys representation are discussed and determined. The nature of our undertaking is set forth in a retainer agreement which contains an explanation of your lawyer’s billing rates and charges. The partner assigned to the file will ensure that the client’s matter is promptly handled, appropriately staffed by that lawyer, and fairly billed. If you ever have a question or a concern about your case or billing procedures, our partners and attorneys are always on call.

Our attorneys make every effort to keep our clients informed as to the status of their case by promptly returning phone calls and emails. Clients are encouraged to maintain close contact with their attorney through a variety of means. We believe that intelligent use of technology allows us to provide better service and can significantly reduce our client’s legal expenses. Not only does efficient use of technology lower our client’s bills, but it allows our attorneys to be available in an instant. Every attorney at Maya Murphy can be reached by phone, email, fax, or the old fashioned letter.

Our lawyers work primarily in Westport, Connecticut and New York, and have experience in all arbitration tribunals, as well as before various administrative, regulatory and self-regulatory bodies throughout the United States. At Maya Murphy our attorneys practice in many areas of the law including divorce, employment, personal injury, estate, criminal, and tax law. Our attorneys have been recognized for their exceptional work product in Super Lawyers Magazine. While all of our attorneys are gifted, two specifically have been named to the Super Lawyers rising stars list. Attorney H. Daniel Murphy has been recognized as a rising star two straight years in the field of divorce law, and attorney Susan Maya has been recognized as a rising star in the field of estate planning and tax law.

We invite you to get to know our experienced team of attorneys:

  • Attorney, and partner, Mr. H. Daniel Murphy knows that divorce is difficult. Divorce is difficult both legally and on a family level for many reasons. He strives to make divorce a little easier, through efficiency, excellent communication, and zealous representation. Attorney Murphy understands that divorce is about more than just one person, it involves a family. Attorney Murphy will work to get the best divorce settlement possible and to resolve your divorce in the shortest amount of time so you can get on with your life. Additionally, Attorney Murphy has extensive experience with high-end high asset divorces which involve complex separation and property planning. Attorney Murphy has the divorce experience, know how, and skills to resolve your divorce, all you need to do is call. He can be reached anytime at 203-221-3100, or by email at hdmurphy@mayalaw.com for questions and a consultation about your divorce.
  • Attorney Susan Maya, can use the skills that got her named a Super Lawyer to plan out your estate. Attorney Maya knows that clients want peace of mind for the future, and that clients want to know their family is properly cared for. Let attorney Maya plan your estate for the best tax treatment and most beneficial outcome for your heirs. She may also be reached anytime at 203-221-3100 or by email at smaya@mayalaw.com.
  • Attorney, and managing partner, Mr. Joseph Maya has over two decades of experience in employment law. Attorney Maya started practicing in New York and handled employment contracts, non-compete agreements and severance packages for many of America’s largest banks. His years of experience in employment law are unparalleled by anyone in the Westport area. If you have an employment law issue involving an offer letter, non-compete agreement, separation agreement, sexual harassment in the workplace, or any other labor issue, attorney Maya can assist you efficiently and effectively. He may be reached by phone at 203-221-3100 or by email at jmaya@mayalaw.com.
  • Attorney Russell J. Sweeting has experience with Maya Murphy for almost a decade. In that time, attorney Sweeting has handled educational law matters, estate planning questions, and an abundance of criminal defense. Attorney Sweeting is well versed in many areas of the law and is the firms go to on many general issues of education law, criminal law, and estate planning. Attorney Sweeting’s dedication, constant client communication, and knowledge set him apart from the average lawyer. If you have an education law issue, need to plan your estate, or want assistance for any criminal matter, attorney Sweeting can assist you. Call 203-221-3100 or email him at rsweeting@mayalaw.com.
  • Attorney William Westcott handles the bulk of serious criminal law issues for Maya Murphy. Attorney Westcott has argued before the Supreme Court of Connecticut, the Federal District Courts of Connecticut, and many other tribunals. His in court experience makes him an extremely effective criminal trial lawyer in all criminal law issues. This experience has given him the knowledge and the hands on know how of how to navigate even the most delicate of criminal law issues. If you could end up in court, and you want experience on your side, attorney Westcott is Maya Murphy’s go to for criminal law. Contact him by calling 203-221-3100 or email at bwestcott@mayalaw.com.
  • Attorney Thomas Moyher handles an array of legal issues for Maya Murphy including criminal, litigation, and estate matters. Attorney Moyher is licensed to practice in both New York and Connecticut. His large firm experience with multinational corporations makes him an extremely effective addition to the Maya Murphy staff. This experience has given him the knowledge and skills to navigate even the most intricate legal issues. Contact him by calling 203-221-3100 or by email at tmoyher@mayalaw.com.
  • Attorney Samuel Leaf brings an extensive background in civil and media litigation to Maya Murphy. As a new addition coming from Willkie Farr & Gallagher, Attorney Leaf now handles cases involving real estate, media litigation, contract disputes, and criminal defense for Maya Murphy. As a distinguished member of the legal community, Attorney Leaf brings years of experience and trial tested expertise to the clients of Maya Murphy. Contact him by calling 203-221-3100 or by email at sleaf@mayalaw.com.
  • Attorney EJ Fink handles a variety of legal issues that come through the doors of Maya Murphy with a focus on litigation and family law. Working in New York for more than a decade, Attorney Fink represented hundreds of corporations and individuals in various issues such as negligence disputes, contract claims, and insurance claims. Now Attorney Fink brings his large firm expertise to Maya Murphy where he can use his skills to aid individuals from New York and throughout Fairfield County. Contact him by calling 203-221-3100 or by email at efink@mayalaw.com.


We recognize that a law firm is only as strong as each of its parts. Since the most valuable asset of Maya Murphy, P.C. is its skilled attorneys and hard working lawyers, we invite you to meet with us. Please contact either our Westport, CT or New York, NY office for an appointment with an attorney. On most occasions, we offer free initial consultations with an attorney to get a feel for your case, and so you can decide if our firm is the right fit for your needs. If you have any employment, divorce, personal injury, or criminal law matters, or if you desire estate planning with artfully crafted trusts and tax avoidance, please call today at 203-221-3100. Our attorneys are standing by to serve your needs.

Excellence in representation. Excellence in divorce, criminal, personal injury and employment law. Excellence for our clients.